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Kat Dutton Davis

Intuitive Consultant


About Me

Through the messages I receive from both Spirit and my Guides (as well as my client's Guides), you will gain guidance, clarity, and validation for the questions you have and the answers you seek. My readings are not focused on predicting the future but rather to support your divine spiritual journey and your Soul's highest vibrational path to gain a clearer understanding of the how and the why and for your path here on Earth.


Your Path


Experience You Can Trust

Intuitive Guidance Session

The Intuitive Guidance Session is for you if you feel lost, stuck, or overwhelmed in life or want to connect and deepen your relationship to your intuition and realign to your highest vibrational path.

Each session includes a grounding exercise. The bulk of our time together addresses your current experience and anything that needs healing or attention to expand into your intuition and soul gifts to align to your highest vibrational path/journey. For our first session together, please bring your hand-written intention(s), questions, and any topics you would like to explore. I will share messages from your guides until you are ready to do this for yourself.

Healing Program

Ayurvedic Consultation

This life-changing program is offered in package bundles of 3 to optimize your healing benefit. We leave a healing session with profound clarity and feeling fabulous all too often, but as life continues to happen around us, we quickly lose that grounding and clarity. We find ourselves unable to implement the shifts in our lives that we obtained during our healing session. I have created a solution to that problem. I have developed a 6-week Healing Program to support you in maintaining the shifts, new habits, and healing you desire in your life.
The program includes 3 ~ 90-minute sessions (in person or via Zoom). I love to offer email/text support in between your readings throughout the six weeks.


I am currently in the 2nd year of my MS studies in Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine. As I continue my studies, I will be offering consultation in the near future.

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Kathi P.

"The session left me feeling lighter, more calm and at peace with where I'm at and my journey. Your loving guidance is a gift. Thank you for sharing it with me!"

Please reach out if you are ready to begin the next chapter...


Email:  /  Tel: 612-730-7510 

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